Friday, February 20, 2015

Awkward and Awesome

There are some moments that we would rather forget ever happened, while other times I can't believe I saw or heard what I did!  Then sometimes there are a combo of both and there are no words!  

Let's start with the awkward.  I still have an Idaho number mostly because it doesn't matter what state your phone number is from because everyone within the states can call or text anyone and there isn't really such an issue as long distance phone rates and such.  I have had my number for somewhere around 2 years and I often get phone calls and texts from people looking for someone else who must have had the number before I did.  I get texts asking if I am coming in to work, medical offices calling about appointments or lab results (no thank you) when I am not employed or waiting on any lab work for anyone in my family.  I get calls from Idaho and have had plenty of "you must have the wrong number." short and slightly annoying conversations ....and then they call again!  "Yep!  Still the wrong number!" Most recently I got the worst of them all.  I was sent a couple pictures.  I won't post the pictures for their privacy but in case you are worried, there is no nudity.  The first was a picture of a new Dad (I think??) holding a swaddled up newborn baby.  I thought the baby was cute but didn't know the guy so I left it alone.  No big deal. Then they sent another one. I felt incredibly awkward for them!  Someone had just had a baby...I mean just had a baby and the proud Dad (I'm guessing?) sent a picture of the newly born baby with the cord still attached and the new mom still had her feet set up in the stirrups.  I was snuggled up with David and we both realized what is was and couldn't believe it!  It is such an intimate moment when a baby is born and there wasn't anything wrong with the picture, even the baby covered itself up somehow, except that they were sending these pictures to a stranger...ok...the whole family doesn't need to see pictures of the baby the second they are born, but maybe this family appreciates them?  I simply texted back "I don't know the people in these pictures or this phone number.  Congratulations though!" and they apologized and we haven't heard from the new parents since.  Oh what do you do?!  (the correct answer is to not text your long lost cousin pictures from any birthing experience since they probably got a new number over 2 years ago and you aren't that close with them if you don't know the new number)

This got me thinking about the embarrassing and funny things that I have done and there have been plenty so all we could do was laugh.

An awesome thing that happened just last night was when the kids were out for the night and sleeping in their separate bunk beds and they had a mumbling conversation for 10 seconds or so!  I had gone in to calm Davy down (he really likes me to be within arms reach to touch my face or use me as a foot rest) and he had crashed again and I was just lingering waiting to be sure he had fallen asleep again and Katelyn started mumbling and would say a word here and there in her sleep.  Davy responded with some more mumbled words and a giggle.  Then Katelyn said, "But Stuffins, I need a real doctor now." and Davy responded with "I'm tumming nen-nen." (I'm coming, Katelyn... for those that don't remember how to translate toddler sleep talk) They didn't say anything else and I tried to think of something to say to get them to keep up their conversation but I was in shock that these two little humans had a sleep conversation!?!?!  My kids are so cool!  

And one combined instance was the great and thorough conversation I had with my sister-in-law that was awesome until David got home from work and we realized we had been chatting for over 4 hours!  "So what did you do today?"  ummmm not make any dinner or do anything but talk to Christine all afternoon isn't quite the answer he was hoping for...but it was a great conversation!

More Awkward...
-Katelyn learned that she can lock all the bathroom stalls from the outside while waiting for me to go potty.  She was unlocking my stall and I asked her to stop because I wanted my privacy kept private so she went to practice her new trick on the other stalls.  This wasn't an issue until someone else came into the bathroom and had no stall to use unless they wanted to crawl under because she locked them all proudly.  She wasn't very fast at unlocking them and the little boy wasn't very patient waiting for her to unlock them, and I could only go so fast to finish my business....oh dear!

-Katelyn being best friends with someone that I don't know if we have the personalities to be best friends.  I know I can be nice, but I wish I desired to hang out all the time like my social little Katelyn does.

-Apartment living means that everyone is so packed in these buildings and the walls are thinner that we would like.  Everyone can see in our ground floor window and they are so close that they aren't sure if they should wave or pretend they didn't look in!  I wish the ceilings were thicker so I didn't have to know when the music/tv is playing, what room they are in based on the creeks and footsteps overhead, when the dogs were running around, or when they use the bathroom, and whether or not they washed their hands!  We know so much about our neighbor upstairs!  I wonder what they know about us?

-When David talks accounting or databases or automated this or that and I try really hard to follow along and be excited about what he is excited about and I really just don't get it...sorry babe!

-Davy loves to have the freedom to run and that is great when he is at the park but he will do it at the library and he tricks me and is great for the first 10 minutes while we look for some books but then he will take off!  It is like he knows we are all supposed to use our whisper voices like I keep reminding him and so when he bolts off then he knows that I will do everything I can to whisper...and there is no way to "sternly whisper" to get his attention and get him back!  
Davy's black eye and he's growing out of his baby-ness!

-David's manager sometimes has lipstick on her teeth and probably can't stop staring at it but also can't say anything either or it will make things more awkward

-I really need to finish my pages in the 2014 family yearbook so that I can nag everyone else to finish theirs before 2015 is done! and I probably could have done most of it in the time it took to write these random memories down. is so hard to have a conversation with someone with kids around that want my attention, or David's attention on the other side of the screen.  I love it, but it can be so tricky sometimes!

-When Davy stares at strangers and then they talk to him and he just keeps staring with a look of awe/disgust and they try really hard to get him to smile or break the stare

More Awesome
-Katelyn discovering gum and how you can just keep chewing and chewing it for hours! I bought a pack of gum that isn't "spicy" and gave it to her to keep in the car and she thinks I am her hero!  She has been telling everyone and is so excited that I bought her gum!  Who knew?!

-Getting Katelyn and Davy to help with cleaning!  Throw on some music and we can all get to work/dancing! It would go so much faster if I did it on my own, but it just doesn't happen or it gets undone as I am doing it!  Katelyn's sweeping skills are coming along!  It is tough to master holding the broom and sweeping into the dust pan but we will get it. 

-I am so glad I am not training for a marathon right now in the cold winter of the east coast!  I ran on the snow for 20 miles with two friends for the sake of training this time last year!  Any time I think I am not dedicated enough to accomplish something I love thinking back to last year's marathon days!  I am done with marathons for now and need a new fitness goal...maybe to run a fast 5k?, but I don't know how I did such a huge the snow?!
-Katelyn sent out a few (10) valentines to some of her favorites and made them special necklaces.  I love how thoughtful and fun-loving she is!
-I wash my hair once or twice a week and don't have to wear a hat all the time!  I use dry shampoo way more than real shampoo and it saves so much time!

-David got his wisdom teeth out and had little to no swelling and pain!  We thought he was going to be bed-ridden, swollen, and out of commission for a week but he was up and ready to go the following day and ditched the pain medicine since it made him nauseous and the pain was so minimal!  We bought WAY too much ice cream for less than a day of misery but we will manage ;)

-Davy is so confident in his speaking abilities even when he has something wrong and won't let me correct colors.  He will insist a cup is "Beee-you" when it is definitely red and NEEDS me to confirm that it is blue in order to move on with anything.  He won't let me pour him a drink, switch for an actual blue cup, show him something that is blue, show him something else that is also red that matches....nothing.  I must acknowledge that the cup is blue and then he casually moves on like nothing happens.  He is in control around here and he must think he is so awesome!

It is late and I need to get some sleep so we can have some more awesome times and less awkward or cranky-mom moments.  I crashed snuggling with Katelyn while she was showing me some youtube video about surprise eggs (Seriously these videos have millions of views and half are probably from Katelyn and they are so terribly boring) and Davy was napping so I have been wide awake late into the night!  We all do better when I get more eat real food, watch less Ninja Turtles (thanks Liam for getting her hooked) and My Little Pony, more tickle tag, more Katelyn performances can be watched and airplane rides can be given.  
Katelyn and Liam have such a fun cousin friendship.  Last summer they got to play nearly everyday together!

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